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We work with market disruptive technology and we focus our combined knowledge into the success of your project.
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Dedicated Outsourced Teams
Start your project today. We will help you setup your own outsourced IT team for no time no matter if you are looking for 2 or 100 outstanding minds.
We take care of office space, payroll, legal, administration and create motivational atmosphere where bright minds work for your ideas.
The recruitment process is our biggest strength, because we are an extension of one of the biggest IT recruitment companies in Bulgaria – Minds People.
You don’t need to invest time and money into recruiting, legal support, and equipment. We can help you set up the dream team right here with us.
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On-Demand Outsourced Resources
You already have a team, but you need those additional few sets of minds, who will help you meet your goals faster?
When you identify a skills gap or feel you need additional expertise or insight, signing up on-demand help is the only timely solution. Stay nimble by quickly filling gaps. Extend your IT team with our on-demand IT talents, who are just amazing at what they do.
Scale your delivery up and down at the touch of a button with no overhead.
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Custom Software Development
If you have an idea but you need a well-experienced IT team of diverse MINDS, who will help you bring your idea to life using cutting-edge technology, you have come to the right place. Grant us all management responsibilities, reduce your operational expenses and watch how your idea transforms into a high-quality product.
By choosing our turnkey software development service, you can get about all kinds of IT specialists, that you would need—starting from business analysts and architects, all the way to software engineers, QA, and project managers.
The diversity is guaranteed.
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QA and Software Testing
Stay focused on your business tasks and leave QA, Support and Product Maintenance to us. We put a great peace of mind into these tasks.
We pick our testers very carefully and put a great deal of time in developing their skills so they can meet any testing requirements. We test software for companies located all around Europe and America.
From ecommerce websites to complex software solutions, we will test the “mind” out of you.
The Power of MINDS

Cross-Industry Expertise

We have the technology and industry expertise to develop solutions that will suit the needs of manufacturing, banking, healthcare industry and more.

Empowered by diversity

Minds Technologies is a place that’s empowered by diversity. Because no great thing was created in a vacuum. We have created a company culture where everyone can thrive.

Unlimited Technologies

We work with market disruptive technology and we focus our combined knowledge into the success of your project.

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Wide Range
of Expertise
We ask questions to really understand what you are looking for and we spend time on the details that matter to you.
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Healthcare background

#01 Healthcare

Emerging technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence are reshaping the healthcare sector. Among them, big data is playing a prominent role in the rapid digitalization of the sector. Care providers are collecting data and utilizing analytics to identify the various market opportunities and trends. We can help you develop a wide range of mobile applications, which enable practitioners to monitor important body vitals, to improve fitness and to track patient recovery.

#02 Marketing

Over the past few years, the marketing and media industry has gone through some dramatic and disruptive changes. Solutions utilizing technologies such as business intelligence (BI) and big data have replaced all the traditional solutions and have helped businesses outperform the competition. We offers customized technology solutions to enable marketing firms, advertising agencies, broadcasters, publishers, and entertainment businesses grow without compromise.

Marketing background
Finance background

#03 Finance

The digitally literate 21st-century customer expects immediate services and personalized experience in all areas of life. Though not impossible, it is especially challenging for a heavily regulated financial industry. We enable you to gain competitive advantages through user-centered products and the newest technologies. We blend the importance of great user experience with the security and fraud prevention needs – helping you stay ahead of the competition.

#04 Telcoms

TV, calling, messaging and live streaming available anywhere: That’s how we like it nowadays. Accommodating the impatient and highly demanding consumers is a challenge for all: content producers, tech suppliers, telecom providers and advertisers. AI, VR, AR and all of the other latest trends point to new, promising opportunities. We love to help you connect people in new and exciting ways.

Telcoms background
High-tech background

#05 High-tech

High-tech redefines itself faster than ever and is driven by agile players, who drive quicker product innovation to market cycles, and stay afloat in this fiercely competitive market. Fulfilling customer expectations, be it the end customer seeking smarter devices or a re-seller enabling newer market channels, has become a crucial factor determining a profitable business growth strategy. We help you bring innovative solutions and services to your market faster, with powerful technology solutions principally for the high-tech industry.


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